Seven Imperatives for a Universal Society of Good

With all the grave repercussions it induces in our lives, the coronavirus pandemic is sending out a last warning, bringing forward the need for an immediate and thorough global change before it is too late. The accumulated global problems in the fields of peace, energy, society, nutrition, and the environment are enormous. To avoid an impending planetary catastrophe, we must overcome the “childhood diseases” of humanity through a total reboot of our civilization.

Facing these crucial circumstances, an initiative was taken by a group of aware citizens coming from various countries. Citizens who are anonymous, independent from any political or other kind of interests. But still, citizens who are aware, highly motivated, having extensive experience in the fields of social activism and personal development.

Therefore, a text was drafted to pose seven imperative suggestions –seven important goals for the total reboot of Humanity. An immediate goal is to disseminate this text far and wide, in every language, to every corner of the Earth.

We invite you to avoid pessimism and overlook petty egotisms and minor disagreements with these seven suggestions. What is more important is the alignment of all humans towards a common goal. Surely there is an obvious difficulty in implementing the goals immediately and an obvious need to further determine in detail how to accomplish them. We implore you not to let this be an excuse against sharing this text.

The establishment of a worldwide organization to coordinate all aware citizens of all over the world will soon follow, which will promote, specify and implement these goals.

It must be emphasized that the implementation of the seven proposals in the text below, as well as any other detailed goal that might arise in the future, will be pursued exclusively and uniquely through legal, peaceful, open, and democratic means and processes.

So, if you agree in principle with the following text, please copy it in its entirety and disseminate it using every possible means available, in any language you can, everywhere in the world. Please encourage all your contacts to communicate it in the same way!

The Seven Imperatives for which we all must fight:

1. Shut down biological, chemical, and electronic weapons laboratories. To shut down the war industries. To establish world peace and universal disarmament.

2. Worldwide debt write-offs and bans on interest-bearing loans, leverage, and stock market gambling. Return to the real economy.

3. Ensure a decent living, as well as full health and social care for all people in the world. To eliminate extreme economic inequality.

4. Stop any activity that harms the ecosystem. Prohibit Genetically Modified Products and Weather Modification Technologies. Abolish all harmful chemical substances in food. Total shift to organic agriculture & farming and towards renewable energy sources.

5. Absolute respect for human rights and freedoms. Ban on citizen surveillance and mind control technologies. Establishment of referendums and structures of Direct Participatory Democracy for the election of governments, judges and state officials. Re-establishment of international organizations by direct election of their members from the global community.

6. Ensuring the right to free and cost-less access to Education and educational institutions for all people in the world. Lifelong learning and training for all.

7. Establish the right to free access for every citizen in the world to state educational structures of lifelong learning in self-improvement, personal development, spiritual awakening and growth.

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