Ten Imperatives for a Global Society of the Good

With all the grave repercussions it induces in our lives, the coronavirus pandemic is sending out a last warning, bringing forward the need for an immediate and thorough global change before it is too late. The accumulated global problems in the fields of peace, energy, society, nutrition, the environment, culture and human relations are enormous. To avoid an impending planetary catastrophe and downgrading of the human race, we must overcome the “childhood diseases” of humanity through a total reboot of our civilization.

Facing these crucial circumstances, an important initiative has been taken in Greece through the Global Network of Love in Action. We are aware/conscious citizens who do not belong to any specific political parties and do not serve any interests whatsoever. We are inspired by humanitarian values, we care exclusively about the common good and we possess extensive experience in the fields of social intervention and personal development.

In this respect, a text has been drafted which puts forward Ten Fundamental Imperatives, ten paramount goals for an overall reboot of Humanity. Our objective is to disseminate this text far and wide, in every language, to every corner of the Earth.

We invite you to turn away from pessimism and overlook petty egotisms and minor disagreements you may have on these imperatives. Above all comes the alignment of all human beings towards a common goal. Surely there is an obvious difficulty in immediate implementing the goals and also an obvious need to further determine in detail how to accomplish them. We implore you not to let these drawbacks be an excuse against sharing and supporting the Ten Imperatives. 

Our vision is the establishment of a worldwide network in order to coordinate all aware citizens all over the world towards the promotion, specification and implementation of these goals.

Finally, we must emphasize that the implementation of the ten imperatives quoted in the text below, as well as any other specific goal that might arise in the future, will be pursued exclusively and uniquely through legal, peaceful, open, and democratic means and processes. 

So, if you agree in principle with the following text, please copy it in its entirety and disseminate it using every possible means available, in any language you can, everywhere in the world. Please encourage all your contacts to communicate it in the same way!

Moreover, if you wish to be updated and participate more actively in the whole endeavor of promoting and claiming the Ten Imperatives,
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Ten paramount imperatives for which we must all enlist :


Internationalization, meaning open communication, brotherhood of the people, free financial transactions and perpetual cultural and religious interactions between the states is an inevitable and destined evolution of the human civilization. Besides, as long as major problems of international scale accumulate, globalized solutions will be required.
Nevertheless, global unity is secured only by the complexity and equal cooperation of the states. In order for each nation state to contribute essentially to the international interaction as its healthy cell, it must safeguard its independence, enhance its ethnic identity, maintain its cultural heritage and make free use of the uniqueness of its natural and human resources for its development and prosperity.
The so-called New World Order, in the way it is intended to be applied, proves to be not an effort of democratic and equal Internationalization, but the enforcement of a global totalitarian regime which serves international economic interests and dark centers of power and tears down all ethnic existence. 


– Our strategic goal must be the establishment of world peace with universal disarmament. All interstate conflicts must be resolved through International Special Courts, directly elected by the citizens of the world.
– Shutting down of the laboratories fabricating biological, chemical, nuclear and electronic weapons. Shutting down of military industries.
– Eradication of international crime (drugs, trafficking, human organs trafficking, child abuse, etc).
– Training of every citizen in the peaceful co-existence and solving of any disputes between them.


– Worldwide debt write-offs and banning of interest-bearing loans and leverage. Transformation of the banks into public welfare institutions of free services to the people and financing of healthy entrepreneurship.
– Abolishing stock market gambling. Return to the real economy.
– Direct the entrepreneurial activity and the state-owned companies towards the production of goods and services that promote the living standards, the way of life, the ecosystem and the spiritual development of the entirety of the citizens.
– No to the super-profits and the extreme growth of the multinational companies and markets, which in reality act as shadow administration of our planet. Transition to a new Humanitarian Economy.
– Rational, equal and fair distribution of the global natural and energy resources.
– Promotion of small and middle entrepreneurship. Establishing self-managed, participatory production units.


– Ensure decent living, as well as health and social care for all people in the world. Eliminate hunger and extreme economic inequality. Establish Global Basic Living Income for all.
– Establish and maintain decent working conditions for the world population.
– Liberate the health establishments and the medical and pharmaceutical research from the international speculation centers. Re-direct medical science towards holistic therapy methods.


– Overpopulation in the “developing” countries is a major international problem. Nevertheless, it is over-projected as to its consequences on the environment overloading and the growing nutritional needs it requires, considering the over-consuming and the squandering of resources practiced in the “developed” states. The only way to deal with overpopulation is the conscious birth control through perpetual education of the citizens and supply of incentives in this respect; not through violence and de-population technologies.
– The immigration issue is mainly a produce of overpopulation, poverty and war. Until “world peace”, equal development of states and rational, fair distribution of the produced goods prevail, immigration will continue to be a major global problem. For the time being it can only be handled short-term, keeping a golden balance between humanitarianism and the unflinching protection of the national integrity of the states that are being threatened by an alteration of their population and their national identity.     


– Total switch towards organic agriculture and livestock farming, renewable energy resources and “free energy technology”. Transition to the eco urban planning and de-centralized eco communities.
– Cease all activities that harm the eco system. Prohibit the genetically altered products and the weather modification technologies.
– Ban the torture of animals and use of harmful substances in livestock and fish farming. Ban the use of harmful chemicals in foods.
– Abolish the units of nuclear energy production.


– Restore the true role of Politics as voluntary, non-profitable and conscious action for the common good. Re-evaluation of the structure of the political institutions so that they function democratically and free of the control of other power centers.
– Reform and democratization of the function of the parliaments, the judicial courts and government institutions, so that there is complete separation of the three powers (legislative, executive, judicial) and they work exclusively for the common good, free from influence by other interests.
– Absolute respect for human rights and freedoms. Ban on citizen surveillance and mind control technologies. Complete protection of the sensitive personal data of the citizens.
– Global recognition and protection of the women and children as equal members of society.
– Abolish all racial and religious discrimination.
– Liberate Mass Communication Media and social network media from the suffocating control of private interests. Transition from the terror-lust of the media to the positive information of the citizens.
– Establish of referendums and structures of Direct Participatory Democracy for decision-making, election of governments, judges and state officials.
– Independent, decentralized and participatory local self-governance.
– Re-establishment and expansion of all international organizations by direct election of their members from the global community.


– Liberate the scientific research and the educational institutions from the bondage by financial interests. Liberate all the prohibited free energy technologies.
– Redirect the Science world towards essential knowledge, independent research and service of the common good.
– Prohibit the technologies of alteration and mutation of humans to passive and controlled human machines.
– Secure the right of all the people globally to free, gratis access to Education and educational institutions. Continuous, life-long education for all.


– Establish the right for all people in the world to free access to state educational structures of lifelong social learning, holistic personal development and conscious participation in political life/society.
– Free, gratis access for all to institutions of lifelong education in self-awareness, psychological balance, self-improvement and spiritual growth.
– Integrate psychology and self-awareness as basic courses in all levels of education.


– Direct the Arts and Entertainment Media towards the promotion of humanitarian values, positive way of life and the establishment of social standards that elevate man, society and nature.
– Abandon the dominant sub-culture of violence, alienation, greed and cynicism.
– Healthy, free and equal human relations, based on love, solidarity, honesty, freedom, cooperation and mutual respect. End the abuser-victim relations, the manipulation, the possessiveness, the hypocrisy, the alienation and the ulterior motives.

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